Zilee Zephie Women's wallet

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„Red is such an exceptional color that it has earned its place in the world of fairy tales. However, it does not only belong to the world of fantasy, it can also do extraordinary things in the real world. You ask what exactly is that? Well, you'll have to wait for that before you try me for yourself. But I can tell you one thing now. You will definitely never get bored with me.“

  • Closable zip pocket for coins
  • Photo compartment
  • Spacious pocket for banknotes
  • Vuch card - identification in case of wallet los
6-12 cards 6-12 cards
Notes Notes
Photo holder Photo holder
Coins Coins
ID card ID card
Type Ladies
Closing Button
Weight 75 g
Material Synthetic leather
Size 150 x 105 x 30 mm
The amount of cards 7-12
Colour Red
Pattern Dotty
Warranty 24 months
Shipping and payment

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In case of any questions do not hesitate to inform our customer service info@vuch.com. 



„What will be created by combining black and a flood of colored dots? Dangerously nice wallets from the Black Dots collection. They are real showwomen, so it's no wonder that they bear the names of the most famous princesses. Now they are impatiently waiting for their owner on the white horse or without.“

Zilee Zephie
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