Brýle k batohům
Brýle k batohům


We are pleased that you chose our product and we hope it will stay with you very long and will serve you well. In the upcoming paragraph you will find detailed description on how to take care of your products from Vuch and general information about all the materials which were used on your product.



Synthetic leather

The material is strong, durable and indistinguishable from genuine leather. Compared to it, synthetic leather is much more breathable. We recommend not to expose to direct sunlight, there is a risk of color fading. Use lukewarm water, an absorbent non-staining cloth and special products designed for eco-leather to clean it..


PU Polyurethane

Polyurethane is synthetic fiber that is easy to maintain. Use lukewarm water or a lukewarm solution with neutral soap foam for cleaning.


PE Polyethylene

The material is very resistant to moisture and damage. Nevertheless, we recommend cleaning only with lukewarm water or a lukewarm solution with neutral soap and do not use cleaning agents with alcohol.


PVC Polyvinyl chloride

It is characterized by resistance to aging. It does not require any special care, but we do not recommend using alcohol products for cleaning. When washing you only need lukewarm water or a solution with neutral soap foam.


PO Polyester

Very easy maintenance. You can use lukewarm water together wit soap foam. Fast drying.


PC Polycarbonate

It is characterized by resistance to aging. It does not require any special care, lukewarm water or a solution with neutral soap foam is enough for cleaning.



Do not use any cleaning solvents. Use only water and detergents which are designed for this purpose. Avoid mechanical cleaning of the surface and the use of cleaning agents with abrasive particles, as this could lead to damage of the product!



Silicone products need to be taken care of on an ongoing basis. Wet wipes or lukewarm water are enough for cleaning.



It is characterized by irregularities such as scars, variations in thickness or pigment spots. The process starts with breaking the natural leather into small pieces or fibrous particles and then it is reassembled with or without a binder. Clean with a product which is designed only for real leather.



The fabric is very flexible and pliable. Wash inside out by hand or in the washing machine at a maximum of 30 ° C together with only clothes of similar colors. Do not use tumble dryers or chlorine detergents. Iron at lower temperatures with steaming and only inside out.



High resistance to damage and moisture, it is characterized by high strength. It is prone to fading.



This material forms lint bubbles and fuzz balls, which is not a defect, but it is its characteristic. You can remove them with a fabric shaver. When using, beware of structure, water and rain. We recommend dry cleaning for stains (you can use wool detergent containing Lanolin. Dilute the detergent with water warm to 30 ° C until a foam is formed, which you apply on the stain. Be very careful and contact a specialist if this does not help).



The material is light, breathable and pleasant to the touch. Clean with a sponge soaked in lukewarm water, avoid chemical cleaners and hot water.



In case the zipper stucks, you can use a lotion to unstuck it. You can carefully apply the lotion along the entire length of the zipper and on the front and back of the lock. If the zipper teeth are dirty, use soapy water and a soft brush to clean them. Never use gasoline or similar chemicals.


Stainless steel

It is characterized by corrosion resistance. We recommend avoiding any contact with salt water, as it damages the product layer.


Zinc alloy

It is a shiny metal that is not difficult to maintain. We wash it by using lukewarm water or clean it with wet wipes without alcohol.



You should only clean this metal with warm water, a soft sponge and using soap.



It is a composite material consisting of glass fibers (fabric) and synthetic resin (polymer). It is characterized by high strength, resistance to chemicals, weather, low weight and good hygienic characteristics.


Crystals and natural stones

  • Crystal (Crystals come in all shapes and sizes. Some are formed by grinding combinations of glass surfaces, and edges. Different types are on the other hand rounded and polished. Each shape has its own unique properties and uses.)


  • Synthetic pearls (These are artificial pearls, which are often made of crushed shells that are reinforced with resin. The main feature of synthetic pearls is that they have a regular shape and have a uniform solid color)


  • Natural stone (This is a noble material with irreplaceable technical properties. The beauty of natural stone is above all in its uniqueness. They attract us with their sparkling play of colors, purity, transparency, gloss or glitter)

Types of natural stones

  • Jade: Are you looking for new love, do you need more money or do you have an important decision to make? Exactly for these occasions, the jade bracelet is made for you.
  • Onyx: Do you need some strength and be protected against negative emotions? Stone from onyx is just for you. In addition, this stone can take care of all your memories you have made together.
  • Jasper: Are you stressed? You need some support. Jasper beads are made just for you.
  • Rose Quartz: You need to release negative emotions. Do you want to open your heart to friends, family or new love? This bracelet is the one you are looking for and will suit all those occasions
  • Magnesite: Do you need to rediscover how to like yourself again and recharge your batteries? Do you have a conflict with anyone you want to get over? If so, magnesite is the stone that will help you in difficult times and will help you to restore your energy.
  • Lava stone:Do you need protection from both physical and mental influences of your surroundings? If so, this stone will help you with that.
  • Agate: Are you looking for courage, love or strength? The ideal choice for this occasion is agate, which will give you enough courage and strength to deal with everything you need for the next stages of your life..
  • Amethyst: Are you stressed, do you have any health problems which you need to solve, do you need to feel balanced again? This stone is made just for you.
  • Amazonite: Are you looking for a prosperity? If so, this stone will be the right companion on your journey..
  • Quartz: Universal, most effective healing crystal in the world, a very powerful energy amplifier that absorbs, releases and regulates energy, bringing it into complete harmony.
  • Crystal: A universal crystal that releases energy. It strengthens the psyche and protects you from evil influences and helps you improve.
  • Nephrite: Nephrite condescendingly improves the mental state and promotes the spirit. It encourages and helps to resist fear.
  • Tiger's Eye: The Tiger's Eye is a powerful protector. It strengthens willpower and brings prosperity. It also helps us to look at things with real eyes without illusions. It brings prosperity and happiness to our lives.
  • Aventurine: has a highly positive effect on everything related to prosperity and wealth. It is used to protect gardens or houses and effectively protects against geopathogenic zones. It also absorbs electromagnetic smog. It stimulates receptivity and increases creativity.
  • Labradorite: Aligns the physical and etheric spheres of the body and connects them both with the spiritual goal they are aiming for. It increases the level of attained consciousness and grounds spiritual energy into the lower physical body.



When using our products, pay attention to the graphic symbols on the label or tag of each product, which indicate the basic instructions for product maintenance. Never remove these tags from the product.


Do not bleach Ironing up to 110° Washing on 30°C
Do not use the tumble dryer Ironing up to 150° Washing on 40°C
Dry in a tumble dryer in the usual way at any temperature Do not clean chemicaly    
Do not iron Do not wash, careful handling in the wet state    



Adequate and gentle usage and proper maintenance are necessary for long-term use of the products. This is an important prerequisite in case of applying for your product´s warranty. Therefore, follow our recommended rules:


  • Keep away from fire.
  • Keep away from water and rain
  • Keep away from dusty environments.
  • Keep away from chemical influences.
  • Protect against mechanical damage and handle the product gently.


Do not expose wallets to direct sunlight.

Do not put more loyalty cards in your wallet than the wallet is intended for.

Do not overload the wallet with excessive amounts of coins.

Do not wash in the washing machine, nor put in the clothes dryer.



Do not load the handbag with more than 3 kg.

Do not expose handbags to direct sunlight..

Do not wash in the washing machine, nor put in the clothes dryer.



Protect the watch from falls, shakes, sudden changes in temperature, chemical influences, dusty environment, magnetic field, etc.

3ATM water resistance (watch can withstand accidental splashes, for example rain. But are not suitable for diving).

For more information, see the User's Guide which is attached and comes together with the watch.

Do not hand over to kids who are under 5 years old.


Straps for the watch

Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Do not wash in the washing machine, nor put in the clothes dryer.

Do not hand over to kids who are under 5 years old.



Protect from salt water, take them off for bathing.

Keep out of the reach of children, danger of inhaling small parts.

Protect against chemicals (including hair spray).



Wash at a maximum of 30 ° C, only together with similar colors and inside out.

Do not wash in washing powder which contains chlorine.

Do not put in a clothes dryer.

Iron inside out.



Wash at a maximum of 30 ° C, only together with similar colors and inside out.

Do not wash in washing powder which contains chlorine.

Do not put in a clothes dryer.

Iron inside out.



The sunglasses have a 400 UV filter and high-quality polarized lenses.

Place them in a protective case so the lenses will not get scratched.

Clean by using a dry cloth.


Makeup mirror

Protect from moisture and water.

Clean with a soft cloth.

Protect it against scratches


POM-POM & Decorative chains

Avoid contact with water.

Do not wash in the washing machine, nor put in the clothes dryer.

Do not hand over to kids who are under 5 years old.


Lip balm


Pepetrolatum , Paraffinum Liquidum, Isopropyl Myristate, Copernicia Cerifera Cera,Cera Alba, Paraffin, Lanolin, Parfum, Benzoic Acid, Tocopherol, Bht

Apply to the lips whenever needed.


Gel nail polish


Butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, dipropylene glycol dibenzoate, isopropyl alcohol, phthalic anhydride trimellitic, anhydride glyols copolymer, Polyester-26, stearalkonium bentonite acrylates copolymer, diacetone alcohol, acetyl tributyl citrate, barium sulfat, silica, aluminium hydroxide, triethoxycaprilysilane, phosphoric acid, tin oxide, mica (+/-),CL 15850, CL77266 (NANO), CL 77510, CL15880, CL77491, CL42090, CL77742, CL77007


Hand cleansing gel


Alcohol, Aqua (water), Glycerin Acrylates/Vinyl, Isodecanoate, Crosspolymer, Aminomethyl, Propanol, Fragrance, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis, Leaf Juice, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Benzyl Salicylate,Hydroxy Citronellal, Citronellol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Linalool


Eye shadows




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