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Privacy policy


This Privacy Policy (hereinafter „Principles“) describes how personal data is obtained, used and handled further through the web interface www.vuch.com (hereinafter „web interface“)

personal data lawyer:

Vuch s.r.o., se sídlem Tovární 1112, Chrudim IV, 537 01 Chrudim

IČ: 04522150

DIČ: CZ04522150

entered: in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, Section C, Index number 36028


Contact details of the personal data controller:

Postal address: Čáslavská 46, 537 01 Chrudim

Telephone number: +420 604 474 451

e-mail: info@vuch.com


The protection of personal data is very important to us. Please read this Policy carefully, which contains important information regarding the handling of your personal data and related rights and obligations.


1.1 What laws do we follow when handling personal data?

When handling personal data, we act in accordance with the legal order of the Czech Republic and applicable regulations of the European Union, in particular Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Data Protection. (hereinafter„EUDP“) and Act No. 480/2004 Coll. on other Information Society Services and on Legal Regulations.

1.2 What is personal data?

Personal data means any information that identifies or can identify a specific natural person. Personal data is in particular (but not exclusively):

  • identification data, such as first and last name, birth number, date of birth, gender, login name to a user account,;
  • contact information, such as home address (or delivery address), phone number, email address;
  • other information, such as information obtained through cookies, IP address (network identifier), including the type of browser, device and operating system, time and number of logins to the web interface and other similar information.


2.1 How do we collect your personal information?

You provide us with your personal data mainly when filling in an order (or in the contact form), or when setting up a user account or entering reviews. If there is any change to your personal data, please inform us.

When visiting and using the web interface, certain personal data may also be obtained and stored via cookies. You can read more about cookies in Article 5 of this Policy.

2.2 On what basis and for what purposes do we process your personal data?
  • We may collect and process personal information entered when ordering goods without your express consent solely for the purpose of performing the contract , that is, for the purpose of delivering the goods. We may also process this data in order to meet our other statutory obligations (especially registration obligations, archiving of tax documents, etc.).
  • We may collect and process personal information entered when creating a user account without your express consent solely to enable access, management and maintenance of the user account.
  • We may process the personal data entered in the context of publishing reviews on the web interface without your explicit consent on the basis of a legal obligation, in particular for the purpose of verifying the authenticity of the reviews.
  • We are entitled to use your e-mail address without your express consent to send commercial communications concerning our goods similar to those you have ordered from us. You can refuse to send business messages at any time.
  • If you give us your consent to do so by confirming this on the web interface, we may process your personal data entered on the web interface, in particular when you complete an order or create a user account, for the purpose of sending you commercial communications and direct marketing or for other purposes to which you have expressly agreed. If you are under 15 years of age, your legal guardian must give consent. If in doubt, we may ask for confirmation of your age.
  • We determine your satisfaction with the purchase by means of e-mail questionnaires within the framework of the "Ověřeno zákazníky" (in English, “Customer verified”) program, in which our e-shop is involved. These are sent to you every time you make a purchase with us, unless you refuse to receive them. The processing of personal data for the purpose of sending questionnaires under the “Ověřeno zákazníky” programme is based on our legitimate interest, in order to control and improve our services and our goods and to determine your satisfaction with your purchase with us. We use a processor, which is the operator of the Heureka.cz portal, to send you questionnaires, evaluate your feedback and analyse our market position; we may pass on information about the goods or services you have purchased and your email address for these purposes. Your personal data is not passed on to any third party for its own purposes when sending email questionnaires. You can object to the sending of email questionnaires under the “Ověřeno zákazníky” program at any time by refusing further questionnaires using the link in the email with the questionnaire. If you object, we will not send you the questionnaire any further.
  • If you give us consent by confirming our Policy on the web interface, we may process your personal information entered when completing an order or creating a user account for the purpose of sending business communications and direct marketing. , or for any other purpose for which you have expressly agreed.
  • We process personal information collected through cookies with your consent (which you can grant by confirming the Policy on the web interface after you have been notified of the use of cookies and have had the opportunity to read this Policy). We are entitled to process personal data obtained through cookies even if you continue to use the web interface after you have been notified of the processing of this personal data. We use personal information collected through cookies for the purposes of providing user support , improving our services, including analysis of user behavior , and marketing.

We may only use your personal data for intended purposes obtained with your consent.

2.3 How long do we use the data?

We use personal data, entered when ordering goods or registering, only for the time necessary to fulfill the contract and fulfill legal obligations.

If you give us explicit consent to the processing of personal data or if we use your e-mail address to send business messages in accordance with the previous article, the data will be used for the duration of the web interface.


3.1 The right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data

If we process your personal data only with your consent (ie without any other legal reason), you can revoke this consent at any time..

Withdrawal of consent to processing of your personal data is possible at any time:

  • via email sent to our contact email address;
  • by telephone on our contact telephone number;
  • in writing by letter sent to our delivery address;
  • for relevant cookies - in the settings of the web interface or in the settings of your internet browser;
  • in the case of commercial communications, in the manner set out in any email containing commercial communications (by clicking on the unsubscribe link or otherwise).

Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of data processing carried out until the withdrawal of consent to processing.

3.2 Right of access to personal data

You have the right to ask us for information on whether we process your personal data. If we process your data, you have the right to access this personal data and in particular to the following information:

  • purpose of processing;
  • categories of processed personal data;
  • recipients or categories of recipients to whom personal data will be made available;
  • the period for which the personal data will be stored.

Upon your request, we will provide you with a copy of the processed data. For additional copies, we may charge you an administrative fee not exceeding the cost of making and delivering such additional copies.

3.3 Right of correction

If your personal data is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to request immediate correction, i.e. correction of inaccurate data and / or addition of incomplete data.

3.4 The right to object to processing

You have the right at any time to object to the processing of your personal data if we process it for direct marketing purposes, including any automated processing of personal data. After objecting, we will stop processing your personal data for these purposes.

3.5 Right of erasure ("right to be forgotten")

You have the right to request that we delete your personal information if:

  • personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected or processed;
  • you have revoked your consent to processing;
  • you have objected to the processing of personal data;
  • personal data was processed illegally.

Unless there are legal grounds to refuse deletion, we are required to comply with your request.

3.6 Right to restrict processing

You have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data if:

  • you deny the accuracy of your personal information;
  • the processing is illegal and you are requesting a restriction on the processing of personal data instead of deleting it;
  • do not need your personal data for the usage of processing, but you require them for the purpose of any kind of action or to your defense of legal rights;
  • you object to the processing.

If processing is restricted, we are only entitled to store your personal data; further processing is possible only with your consent or for legal reasons.

If the processing of personal data is restricted due to an objection to the processing, the restriction lasts for the time necessary to determine whether we are obliged to comply with your objection.

If the processing of personal data is restricted due to a denial of data accuracy, the restriction lasts for the period of verification of the accuracy of data.

3.7 Right to data portability

You have the right to obtain your personal data that you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and to pass it on to another personal data controller.

3.8 How can you exercise your rights?

You can exercise your personal data rights through our contact details. All information and actions will be provided to you without undue delay.

We will do our best to protect your personal data. However, if you are not satisfied with the settlement, you have the right to contact the relevant authorities, especially the Office for Personal Data Protection (http://www.uoou.cz), which supervises the protection of personal data. This provision does not affect your right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly with your complaint.

In particular, if your residence, place of employment or the place of the alleged breach of personal data protection is located outside the Czech Republic in another Member State of the European Union, you can contact the relevant supervisory authority in that Member State.


4.1 Who processes your personal data?

We are a controller of personal data within the meaning of the Regulation.

To the extent necessary for the performance of the contract or other obligations, we are entitled to transfer your personal data to other parties, such as carriers, cloud storage providers, email campaign managers, a company providing a "Customer Verified" certificate, external accountants or other parties involved in the performance of the contract or our obligations. Where appropriate, we may also entrust other processors and recipients of personal data. We will also tell you who specifically processes your personal data upon your request.

Your personal data will not be transferred to countries outside the European Union unless necessary for the performance of a contract or for any other reason in accordance with the rules for such transfers set out in the Regulation.

4.2 How do we process personal data?

Personal and other data collected is fully secured against misuse. Personal data will be processed electronically in an automated manner or in hard copy in a non-automated manner.


5.1 What are cookies?

Cookies are text files stored on the computer or other electronic devices of each visitor of a website, which enables the functionality of the website.

Not all cookies collect personal information; some only allow the website to work properly. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your Internet browser.

Please note that if you refuse to use cookies, it is possible that you will not be able to take full advantage of all the functionality of the website.

5.2 What kind of cookies and what purposes are used by the website?

The website uses relational (temporary) cookies , which are automatically deleted when you finish browsing the website. It also uses persistent cookies that remain on your device until you delete them.

The cookies used by the website are as follows:

  • first-party cookies - these cookies are associated with the domain of our website; these are necessary cookies and performance cookies, they can be temporary or permanent;
    • necessary cookies - they enable navigation on the website and the use of basic functionality. They do not identify you in any way and it is not personal data;
    • Performance cookies - used to analyze how the website is used (number of visits, time spent on the website etc.); the data obtained by these cookies is anonymous;
  • third-party cookies - these cookies are associated with a different domain than the domain of our site, even if you are on our site; these cookies allow us to analyze our website and display customized advertising for you; these are functional cookies and targeted and advertising cookies;
    • functional cookies - used to personalize content by storing login details, geolocation, etc .; they may lead to the collection and processing of personal data;
    • Targeted and advertising cookies - Used to display targeted ads on and off the website. Through them, personal data may be collected and processed. We may share information about how you use our site with our social networking, advertising and analytics partners.
5.3 Services used with cookies

The web interface uses Google Analytics and possibly other services provided by Google LLC ("Google"), Facebook Pixel provided by Facebook Inc. These services work with information obtained via cookies.

Google Analytics is used to obtain statistical information about your use of the web interface. The cookies obtained by this service expire depending on your browser settings, but after a maximum of 2 years or until they are manually removed by you.

Google Ads is used to identify you within Google's advertising network and to retarget advertising (retargeting and remarketing). The cookies collected by this service expire after a maximum of 18 months, depending on your browser settings, or until they are manually deleted by you.

The Facebook Pixel service is used to identify you within the Facebook Inc. advertising network and to retarget advertising (retargeting and remarketing). The cookies collected by this service expire after a maximum of 2 years, depending on your browser settings, or until they are manually deleted by you.

This Policy is valid and effective from 10.02.2023.

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