Joanna spacious urban backpack with zipper

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„If you’ve put out a search for a practical, elegant and stylish backpack, you might as well call it off. This little black backpack perfectly fills your fantasies and…

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„If you’ve put out a search for a practical, elegant and stylish backpack, you might as well call it off. This little black backpack perfectly fills your fantasies and becomes the decoration of any outfit.“

  • Spacious inner pocket with double zipping 
  • Practical inner zippy pocket on the front and back side
  • Small inner pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
Volume 11-15 l l
Properties Hidden pocket, Inner zip pocket
Color of fittings Silver
Zipper material Plastic
Size NTB" 11,6" "
Fits A4 yes
Strap length 52 - 97 cm
Style Elegant, Urban, Business
Collection SimplyV
Closing Combined
Weight 760 g
Material Synthetic leather
Size 345 x 280 x 120 mm
Volume 12
Type Little backpacks
Colour Black
Pattern One colour
Warranty 24 months
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In case of any questions do not hesitate to inform our customer service info@vuch.com. 

Main compartment Main compartment
Pockets Pockets
Zippy closing Zippy closing
Gift packing Gift packing

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Simple Vuchkas, Simply Vuch!

Timeless, minimalist and elegant. SimplyV collection can do without the glitter. For simplicity is beauty. Clean lines, smooth materials and subtle metallic details play a major role in the design of each SimplyVuchka. In short, nothing is extra and nothing is missing. So which one will be yours?


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At VUCH, we pack every order in a beautiful gift box with a bow, so that unwrapping is a joy, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone close to you.
No worries about packing.

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