Roomy leather handbag

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„This black handbag with its gold Vuch logo is one of those accessories that will represent you perfectly in society. When you wear it with a white blouse, skirt and…

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„This black handbag with its gold Vuch logo is one of those accessories that will represent you perfectly in society. When you wear it with a white blouse, skirt and pumps, you'll put a smile even on the faces of fashion stylists.“

  • Genuine leather handbag
  • Inner zipper pocket for small items
  • Inner compartment without fastening 
  • Two carrying options 
Properties Inner zip pocket, Crossbody strap
Color of fittings Golden
For wallet size Large
Zipper material Metal
Fits A4 no
Strap length 120 - 143 cm
Style Elegant, Business
Closing Zipper
Weight 633 g
Material Real leather
Size 250 x 280 x 110 mm
Type Regular
Colour Black
Pattern One colour
Warranty 24 months
Shipping and payment

Delivery up to 3 working days. You can pay by cash on delivery, transfering the money or online. 




In case of any questions do not hesitate to inform our customer service info@vuch.com. 

Main compartment Main compartment
Strap Strap
Zippy closing Zippy closing
Leather Leather

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„There is a first time for everything. That's why we are introducing the first ever collection of leather handbags that will satisfy even the most demanding. Quality first, design that never gets old and elegance that captivates even the most sophisticated eye. In short, there are things that don't change at Vuch! You see it, you try it and you never let go.“

Gift wrapping

At VUCH, we pack every order in a beautiful gift box with a bow, so that unwrapping is a joy, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone close to you.
No worries about packing.

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