Lia Sitting bags

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Each of us is always pleased to see joy in the eyes of another. That’s what we were thinking, and that’s why we created this event. We think of both nature and children. We wanted to make the most of the waste, so we filled our bags with defective pieces of Vuch products and gave them a new life in the form of sitting bags. Most importantly, when selling every third bag, we donate three more bags to kindergartens throughout the Czech Republic.

  • Filler includes: 50 % recycled and 50 % polystyrene balls
  • Waterproof
  • Double velcro fastening
  • Weight 150 kg
  • In three drifferent colours
Limited Limited
Eko Eko
Weight 2000 g
Size 380 x 450 mm
Color Pink
Colour Pink
Pattern Dotty
Warranty 24 months
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Sitting bags VUCH

Sitting bags VUCH, made in the Czech Republic, are playful, comfortable and, last but not least, save nature. For their filling, residues and defective pieces are used, which would otherwise end up in the bin. However, this does not in the slightest take away from the quality or appearance of the sitting bags. They are made of waterproof fabric made in the Czech Republic and boast a playful design characterized by coloured dots. The sitting bags are washable, waterproof and colourful and also boast easy maintenance.


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