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Tilda Brown leather wallet made in Slovakia

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The wallet from the leather collection in a limited edition of 30 pieces is designed to captivate the personality of every woman who carries it. It is defined by a…

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The wallet from the leather collection in a limited edition of 30 pieces is designed to captivate the personality of every woman who carries it. It is defined by a smooth line, practicality, and perfect material workmanship. Attractive elements like decorative pins on the edges, an exterior pocket without a closure, or the inner motto “Step out of the shade,” only enhance the uniqueness of this piece. The simplicity and rawness of the leather, stitched with thread in a less characteristic VUCH tone, intertwine here with the uniqueness of this motto, emphasizing that the story behind the creation of each wallet and the resulting authenticity of the material used is what sets you apart. 

  • Hand-stitched in Slovakia
  • High-quality smooth leather with raw lining 
  • Limited edition – 30 pieces of each color 
  • Exterior pocket and decorative pins as ornamental elements 
Color of fittings Silver
Zipper material Metal
Style Elegant, Business
Collection SimplyV
Closing Zipper
Weight 188 g
Material Cowhide leather
Size 100 x 200 x 30 mm
The amount of cards 7-12
Colour Brown
Pattern One colour
Warranty 24 months
Shipping and payment

Delivery up to 3 working days. You can pay by cash on delivery, transfering the money or online. 




In case of any questions do not hesitate to inform our customer service 

6-12 cards 6-12 cards
Notes Notes
Leather Leather
Coins Coins

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We present the first collection of handbags and wallets hand-stitched in Slovakia. All products bear the generous signature of high-quality smooth leather, highlighted by a raw lining without embellishments. Simply put, true beauty in its natural form, where the specifics of the leather take center stage. The luxurious combination of smooth leather and rough stitching texture is what will set you apart. Only 30 pieces of each color are available, further emphasizing the unique beauty of each piece. 

Gift wrapping

At VUCH, we pack every order in a beautiful gift box with a bow, so that unwrapping is a joy, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone close to you.
No worries about packing.

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