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Doprava zdarma na vše

Sweet anarchy Women's wallet

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„A strong, confident person who doesn't care what others think of her and has no problem expressing her opinion out loud. If you see yourself in that description, the piece Sweet Anarchy is right for you. Sweet Anarchy is a big joker, loves black humour and sometimes acts a little on the edge. Her existence is connected with extravagance and she lives fully, as if every day was the last. The influence and memories associated with the British band Sex Pistols or Marilyn Manson are more than obvious.“

  • Limited edition
  • Each wallet carries a story of its own- only 100 pieces of each color
  • Created in collaboration with the Czech rapper known as - Sharlota
  • Each wallet has a unique serial number
  • Luxurious limited edition gift wrap


Coins Coins
Notes Notes
Photo holder Photo holder
6-12 cards 6-12 cards
Type Ladies
Closing Button
Weight 185 g
Material Synthetic leather
Size 200 x 100 x 35 mm
Colour Black
Pattern More colours
Warranty 24 months
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„This limited collection of wallets represents a rebellion of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if the rebellion means to you to cry when watching a fairy tale or telling someone exactly what you think. Each of us has a bit of a rebel in us and this limited range of wallets was created precisely for that. Each of the wallets is a unique piece and will complement its future owner to the last detail thanks to its character traits.“

Sweet anarchy
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