Loksenn leather urban backpack

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This will be the best colleague you could wish for. It will carry all your essentials and bring you a snack or maybe even a whole lunch to work every day. It will always be at home with you and he will make you shine. It'll hold you up and always have your back. You can go to work with him every day and it'll never bore you.

  • Genuine leather backpack
  • Two main zippered pockets
  • Lots of external and internal pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
Two compatments
Pockets Pockets
Zippy closing Zippy closing
Leather Leather
Inner cloth 90% Polyester, 10% Cotton
Closing Zipper
Weight 806 g
Material Real leather
Size 350 x 270 x 140 mm
Objem 13
Type Little backpacks
Colour Brown
Warranty 24 months
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Leather bagpacks

„It's clear to us that you can actually live without a proper leather backpack. But we think strolling around town is just better with one. Rather divine. Plus, it'll win you over for its durability, versatility and sustainability. If you feel like carrying a story on your back, a leather backpack is simply a must-have. Because you'll be sure to wear it for a hell of a long time.“

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