Eumel eco handbag with stitching

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Have you put your cell phone, wallet and keys in a pet bottle that you had slung over your shoulder? You haven't? We get it, not many people would say yes. But with this purse, it's a reality. It's made out of plastic bottles.

  • Made from recycled material
  • Main triple closure - zipper, tape, magnet
  • Inner compartment for small items and zippered pocket
  • Outer pocket and magnet
Main compartment Main compartment
Strap Strap
Pockets Pockets
Eko Eko
Properties Inner zip pocket, Crossbody strap
Color of fittings Golden
For wallet size Large
Zipper material Metal
Fits A4 no
Strap length 110 - 128 cm
Style Casual, Urban
Closing Zipper
Weight 467 g
Material Eco
Size 245 x 260 x 70 mm
Colour Brown, Apricot
Pattern More colours, Stitched
Warranty 24 months
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Eco handbags

„The handbag series that has it all. Beautiful looks, fantastic workmanship, quality and colours. In addition, you'll be contributing in some small way to our planet. If you're a sustainability fan like us, this collection is just the right choice!“

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