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Pritta Black large spacious handbag

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Can you see yourself walking down the street, almost tripping over those admiring glances? Then you're imagining the situation correctly. Pritta's really good. It's a supple leather handbag that's so versatile, it'll make your head spin. With snaps and textile sides, it can change shape. But whether it's square or tapered, you'll have a hard time putting it down.

  • Fibre leather handbag
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Extended handles for comfortable shoulder carry
  • Side patches to adjust the shape of the bag
  • 4 metal legs protect the bottom of the handbag
Accessories Accessories
Strap Strap
Pockets Pockets
Leather Leather
Season 4Q_2023
Properties Inner zip pocket, Crossbody strap
Color of fittings Golden
For wallet size Large
Size NTB" 11,6" "
Fits A4 yes
Strap length 101 - 117 cm
Style Elegant, Business
Closing Magnetic
Weight 650 g
Material Real leather
Size 250 x 330 x 100 mm
Type Regular
Colour Black
Pattern More colours
Warranty 24 months
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There is a first time for everything. That's why we are introducing the first ever collection of leather handbags that will satisfy even the most demanding. Quality first, design that never gets old and elegance that captivates even the most sophisticated eye. In short, there are things that don't change at Vuch! You see it, you try it and you never let go.

Pritta Black
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