Catia Pink waist bag with adjustable strap

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Whether you're heading out for a hike or on skates, we have a fanny pack for you that you won't want to let go of. Or rather, off your back? We'll leave the way you wear it up to you. Just like the enviable choice of color combination. And as a bonus, the adjustable strap is crowned with an automatic magnetic buckle. We're not exactly fans of the phrase "icing on the cake," so we're officially changing it to "magnetic buckle on the fanny pack."

  • Main pocket with a double zipper
  • Adjustable strap with an automatic magnetic buckle
  • Hidden zippers and a back pocket with a zipper for your greatest treasures


Main compartment Main compartment
Pockets Pockets
Zippy closing Zippy closing
Gift packing Gift packing
Season 1H_2024
Properties Durable material
For wallet size Large
Zipper material Plastic
Strap length 65 - 140 cm
Style Sports
Closing Zipper
Weight 190 g
Material Polyester
Size 145 x 320 x 50 mm
Color Grey / Pink
Colour Pink, Black
Pattern More colours
Warranty 24 months
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A spectacular return. A phrase that is associated with waist bags. World-class, original. These and many more connotations are evoked by this fashion accessory. Formerly a fashion hell, now a must-have product in your wardrobe. So, have we convinced you that you must have one at home? In that case, don't hesitate to order.

Catia Pink
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