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Jarní výprodej

Messy handbag handbag from limited edition

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As designers and manufacturers of women's accessories, we know all too well what kind of "punk" girls wear in their handbags and purses. And since we all have it the same way, why not put that mess, clutter and disarray right out in the open. And what did the poet mean by that? Maybe it's better to have a mess in your purse than in your head, so show it off.

Main compartment Main compartment
Strap Strap
Zippy closing Zippy closing
Limited Limited
Zipper material Plastic
Style Casual, Urban
Closing Zipper
Weight 240 g
Material Synthetic leather
Size 145 x 225 x 60 mm
Volume 2
Colour Blue
Pattern One colour
Warranty 24 months
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„We create for women and about women. Our new EMANCIPARE limited edition of wallets and handbags is inspired by women and their characteristic mindset, their everyday woes, but also their strength and independence.

Three original graphics drawn by the great Czech illustrator and comic artist Michael Petrus are elaborate stories and situations from the life of a typical Czech woman, letting the world know that you are not in it alone.

Enough talk! It's time for action. We're proud to present an issue of 200 purses and 100 handbags in a comic satirical take on female power that not only the women in our company are proud of!“

Messy handbag
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