Barrie Grey large and spacious handbag

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Barrie is your new dream shopper. It stands firmly on four metal legs, so no matter where you put it, there's no risk of a scratched bottom. A horizontal strap runs…

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Barrie is your new dream shopper. It stands firmly on four metal legs, so no matter where you put it, there's no risk of a scratched bottom. A horizontal strap runs around the entire circumference of the bag and is sewn around the edges. So it'll be great for hanging, say, sunglasses. And if you want to be polished to perfection, we have a perfectly fitting purse to go with it. >> 

  • Large handbag with solid bottom protected by 4 metal legs
  • Main pocket fully zippered
  • Strap for hanging sunglasses
  • Crossbody strap included
  • Offers several carrying options
Properties Crossbody strap, Inner zip pocket
Color of fittings Silver
For wallet size Large
Zipper material Plastic
Size NTB" 11,6" ", 13,3" "
Fits A4 yes
Strap length 75 - 135 cm
Style Elegant, Business
Closing Zipper
Weight 590 g
Material Synthetic leather
Size 300 x 320 x 130 mm
Colour Grey
Pattern One colour
Warranty 24 months
Shipping and payment

Delivery up to 3 working days. You can pay by cash on delivery, transfering the money or online. 




In case of any questions do not hesitate to inform our customer service 

Main compartment Main compartment
Pockets Pockets
Strap Strap

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Everyone has a preference. And big handbags have the advantage that you can pack practically everything in them. Your wallet, your makeup, a folded magazine, a snack or an umbrella. These handbags provide shelter for many other things. So if you're looking for a spacious beauty, we've got you covered.

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At VUCH, we pack every order in a beautiful gift box with a bow, so that unwrapping is a joy, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone close to you.
No worries about packing.

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