Rubis Black medium leather wallet

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The directive was clear. You can't fit anything in a small wallet, but a big one won't fit in every handbag. Rubis is the ideal one for you. Just the right size made…

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The directive was clear. You can't fit anything in a small wallet, but a big one won't fit in every handbag. Rubis is the ideal one for you. Just the right size made from genuine leather and a cute design as a bonus. You won't want to mail this envelope anywhere.

  • Fibre leather
  • Main snap closure
  • Separate zippered coin pocket
  • Front zippered pocket
Color of fittings Golden
Zipper material Metal
Style Elegant
Closing Combined
Weight 162 g
Material Real leather
Size 95 x 140 x 35 mm
The amount of cards 7-12
Colour Black
Pattern One colour
Warranty 24 months
Shipping and payment

Delivery up to 3 working days. You can pay by cash on delivery, transfering the money or online. 




In case of any questions do not hesitate to inform our customer service 

6-12 cards 6-12 cards
Notes Notes
Leather Leather
Coins Coins

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Leather wallets

Quality and durability. Attributes that have long been associated with leather and its products. So if you want a wallet that is an investment for many years to come, choose from our leather wallets. We can guarantee that you won't want to let it out of your hand. Whether because of its quality, workmanship or colour. You'll find a reason.

Gift wrapping

At VUCH, we pack every order in a beautiful gift box with a bow, so that unwrapping is a joy, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone close to you.
No worries about packing.

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