Necklace Kruwen Silver chain necklace with small pearls

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Do you enjoy simplicity and elegance in every way? Kruwen necklace made of steel and studded with synthetic pearls could be just the thing for you. A Persian proverb says that pearls are the tears of the gods that have fallen to the bottom of the oceans. We may not have fished for these in deep waters, but that doesn't take away from their sophistication.

  • Stainless steel
  • Tasteful ornaments à la pearls
  • Classic clasp
  • Variable size 450 + 50 mm
Motive Pearl, Minimalism
Closing Carabin
Weight 3,9 g
Material Surgical steel
Size 450 + 50 mm
Metal color Silver
Warranty 24 months
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„Do you know when a woman has enough jewerly? Never! That's why it's the right time to look at VUCH jewerly. To the question why one piece of jewerly is not enough, we know the answer too. The minimalist look of our jewerly allows for endless possibilities to combine. So what caught your eye?“

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