Love beanbag sitting bag from limited edition

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There's nothing better than a proper wind down after a busy day. And here it's even a step further, because you'll be lounging on a piece of art. Josef Rataj made a second limited edition collection for us, and we made these super comfy bags out of it.

  • Original design - each sitting bag made only in 5 pcs
  • Made in cooperation with pop-art artist Josef Rataj (
  • Internal material: 50% recycled plastic + 50% polystyrene balls
Weight 3200 g
Material Polyester
Size 1330 x 1120 mm
Colour Blue
Pattern More colours
Warranty 24 months
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Rataj second collection

„At a time when spreading peace and love is more than needed, we come up with the second series of the successful limited edition, Rataj 2! A unique combination of pop art from the workshop of Josef Rataj and the popular Vuchkas, which can be summed up thematically with the single slogan: “PEACE and LOVE”."

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