How to choose the perfect men’s wallet?

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A quality wallet for a man is as same as a perfectly fitting suit. This choice should therefore not be underestimated. You’re not going to make a good impression at a work lunch or a romantic date with roughened wallet. At the minute the market is full of men’s wallets of various colours and materials. How to choose the right one?

Bigger or smaller?

First of all you need to think about what size wallet you’re going to need. A small wallet has the advantage of being compact, so you can fit it in your pants or your jacket, but on the other hand, you may not fit all your banknotes, coins or cards in it. If you choose the big wallet you will have to carry it in your bag, but men tend to prefer smaller wallets, while women prefer the larger ones.

The perfect compromise between a large wallet and a small wallet.

A wallet that fits easily in your pocket and also can fit banknotes, coins and cards. That is men’s wallet David in slim design, which will get you a lot of practical compartments in manly grey-black colour.

Quality in the first place...

It is an indisputable fact that men do not have that many accessories. However, when they buy one, they usually want it to be perfectly processed and made out of high quality material. And what material is better quality and more luxurious than qenuine leather, thanks to which the wallet will still lokk new even in a few years.

Quality and stylish leather wallet

Men’s wallet Benji is made of genuine leather and impresses thanks to its minimalist and timeless appearance. The wallet has 3 card compartments and 2 practical inner pockets.

…and functionality on the other

Quality isn’t the only parameter you should choose your wallet for. It’s also important to focus on its functionality. Even if you choose a wallet with large dimensions, it does not always have to be practical. For example, some wallets do not have coin pocket that can be closed separately, or enough card compartments.

Practical and modern wallet

Small pocket with patent closing, 3 card compartments and banknote space divided into two parts. Does that sound like enough room for all your valuables? Then make yourself happy with men’s wallet Cruell.

Focused on colour

In addition to size and material, of course, you can also choose your wallet with respect to its colour. You can’t take step back with neutral colours, i.e. grey, black or brown. However, it is no longer the case that men have to stay only with neutral colours, you will also make a great impression with a bright blue wallet or even a trendy two-colour wallet.

Unmissable blue-brown wallet

If you’re not afraid of colour, your attention clearly shouldn’t escape men‘s slim wallet Margos, which is made of smooth cowhide and stands out for its two-colour design in blue and brown.

Sporty and rather elegant?

Last but not least, you should also choose your wallet with regards to whether you prefer an elegant style or a relaxed sporty style. However, it is important to say that even if you tend to be more of a sportsman, sometime you can use an elegant wallet, for example, when visiting the theatre. Why not have two?

Universal black wallet

The bullseye is udoubtedly simple and elegant black  men’s wallet Joshua, that goes with any outfit or any occasion.

TIP at the end: Gift to brother or dad

If you’re already planning Christmas shopping, a great tip for a gift for men is a wallet. In addition, your VUCH wallets come packet in a gift box.

If you’re still hesitating about which wallet to choose, check out the full offer of men’s wallets VUCH, designed to be stylish, high quality and functional.

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