Think (eco)logically and get a new VUCH wallet made of recyclable material

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The Czech brand VUCH often looks for inspiration in nature when designing new accessories and clothing. And since out brand knows we’re thankful for a lot to our mother nature, we decided to give back to her. How? We introduced new women’s wallets, which excel not only in their appearance, but also in being made of recyclable material.

VUCH conserves nature

There is a plenty of materials in the world, and VUCH has decided to choose a material that will help the nature and therefore join the brands that have taken the path of sustainability. The new wallets boast practical material that is durable and eco-friendly.

New wallets made of recyclable material

Do you also want to lend a helping hand to nature while looking for a wallet that fits you with a single glance? Then make a list with the new VUCH wallets available in five colour variants.

Practical eco-labelled accessory

Bright yellow, magical purple, light pink, practical grey and elegant black. Five colours, one common material. Wallets made of recyclable material have a practical size of 110 x 105 x 25 mm, so they can fit easily in any handbag or pocket. Plus, the’re zippered, so you’ll be sure all your valuables are safe.

Gift? Great idea!

Wallets are a great tip for a gift, they will please not only all lovers of nature, but also style and fashion. Your wallet with a range of handy compartments and RFD protection comes packed in a beautiful gift box.

Concluding thought: Recycling makes sense

At VUCH, we believe that recycling makes sense and is a way to help the enviroment. We are glad that interest in sustainable fashion in the Czech Republic is increasing every year and that we can offer our customers design and at the same time ecological accessories.

Make yourself and nature happy. Get a practical and stylish wallet made of recyclable material.

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