How to wear a watch and bracelets on one hand?

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Wearing a watch with other jewellery or bracelets on one arm is a much discussed topic. Although we believe that there is no need to adhere to the conventions and preconceptions of the fashion world, we'd like to give you some tips on how to wear bracelets and in a way that doesn't make the overall impression look cheap or out of taste.

If you're more into the elegance of metal, it's fine to match your watch and bracelets with just the right type of metal. We're not saying we're not into colour and originality, but a watch with a silver band and a gold bracelet to pair with it? We reckon there's a better way.

Our tip is:

Bet on SILVER classic or surprise with ROSEGOLD duo.

Apart from the classic silver and gold accessories that always look good, "rosegold" has become quite a popular metal colour as of late. A watch in beautiful pinkish gold tones can be complemented by a delicate bracelet featuring a subtle element such as a heart, a rhinestone or even a four-leaf clover, and the elegant duo is born! In this case, we believe that there is beauty in simplicity. The watch and bracelet perfectly match and look simple yet stunning on your wrist.

Elegant woman watch

If you're not exactly " fancy"

In case you're a bit of a rebel and not really into the conventions of elegant fashion in silver and gold, we've got another tip for you. The leather strap and watch dial is like cinema and popcorn. You can do it separately, but combined it's much better. In our opinion, leather is integral to watches, so we have a tip for you on how to match this model with a bracelet.

Again, it's always good to match colours. Try a gold dial with a brown leather strap and complement it with a subtle jewel in the colour of the dial, or accompany a silver watch with a leather strap by adding a subtle braided leather bracelet in a similar colour range to the watch strap.

In the case of leather or string bracelets, we are not opposed to a larger number either. For example, two or three small, discreet bracelets alongside an elegant watch will perfectly accentuate your wrist and help to complete the outfit. However, if you like to find order and a touch of simplicity in your rebellion, count on colour.

You can easily accessorise a black watch with a pink dial with pink beads or a string jewel in the same colour. If you match the colours, and it doesn't have to be just black and pink, the overall composition on your wrist is going to look complex and well thought out.

Beads forever.

Since we mentioned the beads and how to wear them, we at Vuch believe it's the perfect partner to a stylish watch. Whether it's on a woman's or a man's wrist, beads, alongside a beautiful watch, always accentuate and enhance the overall impression of a sophisticated outfit.

In fact, for men, we can't imagine anything better looking than a well-tailored suit complemented by a dapper watch paired with beads. In these cases, wooden or dark-coloured stone beads are suitable.

For women, we would naturally favour smaller beads and watch dials as well as more delicate colours. For example, a silver watch with white marble beads, or alternately, a gold watch and black beads combined with a gold component are the ideal choice for us for parties, prom and work.

On what hand to wear bracelets?

An eternal topic that will probably never come to a conclusion. Some people prefer this and some prefer that. Hand on heart. There are many such questions. How to wear a bracelet and watch, how to wear a gold bracelet, how to wear men's bracelets. How to wear stone bracelets? How about a wedding event. Should you wear bracelets to a wedding? How about a watch? For us, the advice is actually very simple. Everyone has a distinctive style and a slightly different type of either bracelet or watch suits each occasion.

The important thing is how it makes you feel. It's good to read up on a few types, tricks, tips and recommendations, but in the end? How to wear anything is purely your decision and if you're OK with it, there's nothing to worry about.

Yours VUCH

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