Are you thinking about the perfect Christmas present? Discover VUCH Christmans sets!

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Christmas is slowly knocking on the door, and with the arrival of the most beautiful holiday of the year, it is also time to buy Christmas presents. Do you want your present under the tree to be the greatest success? Then rely on a package full of style. It’s proven by the generations that accessories and clothes can light up women’s eyes.

Convenient Christmas sets

We have assembled christmas sets so that the idividual pieces match together and bring as much joy as possible. In addition, you can buy these pieces in a set at a better price than individually. Our Christmas sets simply pay off and are guaranteed to be enjoyed.

Set Romantic Date

Perfect set for a romantic date or meeting a friend. The unmissable pink coloured Romantic Date set, which includes a handbag, purse, bracelet and nail polish.

Choose the right set

We divided the VUCH Christmas sets into three categories according to the price. You can choose between sets from 1400 czk, up to 2500 czk and luxury sets are from 2500 czk. Whichever one you choose, one thing is for sure, it’ll stand out underneath the tree.

Set Amazing Afternoon

Set for every day. Even so, one sentence could describe the Amazing Afternoon set, which includes a small and practical brown handbag mathching your purse, as well as a black breaded bracelet.

Rely on luxury packaging

Especially for those who do not like to pack Christmas presents, we have great news. You’ll find the Christmas set wrapped in a beautiful gift box.

Set Perfect Comfort

A set that hides comfort, feminity and playfulness. This is the Perfect Comfort set, which includes sports panties with a bra, white long sleeved bodywear and three pairs of cheerful socks.

For who are the Christmas sets made for?

Sporty, youthful, elegant and luxurious. Our Christmas sets are tailored to all women, whether they prefer elegance or sporty style. With these sets you can please yuour dear half, a friend, mom or your sister.

Bet on christmas presents this year, that women dream of. Take a look at our convenient Christmas sets.

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