DZ - říjen
DZ - říjen


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„Samien has an eye for style and attention to detail. This purple backpack is the ultimate fashion guru. Most of all, it likes to follow the latest fashion trends and conduct himself according to them. And that's probably why it caught your eye.“

  • Main fastening with zipper and magnet
  • Inner zipped pocket, compartment without fastening
  • Front zipped pocket
  • Rear pocket with zipper
Main compartment Main compartment
Pockets Pockets
Zippy closing Zippy closing
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On the way, on the road, on the field, I follow you with my new backpack!... Handbag or backpack? What do you prefer? You may have been a staunch advocate of handbags until now, but the moment you see our bombastic backpacks and travel bags from the Travel collection, you will find out that you must own one of them. So throw away your worries, put a comfortable and stylish backpack on your back and set out to conquer the world.