Brýle k batohům
Brýle k batohům

Grendel Hand cream

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If you've ever prepared your own pomegranate, you probably know it's not exactly easy. The little seeds fly everywhere, they can't be removed, your hands and nails go through a real stress test. Don't worry, using moisturizer isn't such a chore, we did that one for you. You just enjoy the soft feeling on your hands and the pleasant fruity scent of pomegranate. You're welcome.

  • Cream with pomegranate scent
  • Does not leave a greasy hand effect
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • Volume: 75 ml
Color White
Warranty 24 months
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Hand cream

"The hands get a hard time every day. They are always touching something, carrying something, holding on to something. So we decided to make a hand cream that you can use to say thank you to your little paws for the great job they do. We reached for the best stuff, shea butter. Don't be alarmed, it doesn't look like the classic hand cream you know. But the first time you put it on your hands, you'll understand why it's such a miracle. It instantly melts onto your hand and makes it perfectly soft, without being greasy. We must warn you, you can get addicted to this very quickly."

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